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November 24, 2023

Broken Harmone: My House Series Book 2 


    Mike's world crumbled the moment he walked out of his house on Thanksgiving evening.

With a wife that betrayed him, consuming thoughts of his first love, and the taunting voice of his father always plaguing his mind, he just wants to forget with a bottle of whiskey, but fate has other plans. One encounter with her changes everything. He never imagined such an intense connection with a random woman at a bar, but he finds himself being sucked into a place that he has no intention of escaping. Now, Mike must confront his past while protecting his future... A future he never expected he'd see again...

After leaving behind an abusing relationship, Erin decides she's no longer going to live according to what someone else thinks of her. Now, she makes her own rules. Erin's confident she has it all together... until him. One look into those mocha brown eyes, and her perfect, controlled world is turned upside down. Erin knows she should stay focused, but there's something about him that she can't ignore. It has her longing for his attention... his touch...

Immerse yourself in Mike and Erin's second chance story of true love fighting to find its way back to one another, while a wife's jealousy drives her to do whatever it takes to get her husband back and an obsessive ex who's hell-bent on taking back what belongs to him in this romantic drama suspense: Broken Harmone: Book Two of the My House Series. 

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