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Mike & Jakyra

Slow Dance

Episode 1


     Hey everyone! Welcome to our first edition of Up Close and Personal! I'm your host, Hector Rodriguez. M. Marie couldn't be here today. She's busy at work writing the second book to the 7-book series of My House. She sends her love and hopes everyone is as excited as she is about book 1, which brings me to today's guests. They are one of the many melodramatic characters of My House. Please, lets give a warm welcome to Mike Harmon and Jakyra McCoy-Harmon!


The couple walks into the studio.

Hector: Welcome Mike, Jakyra. It's great to have you with us. As you know, this is Up close and personal, so no question is off limits.

Mike: First off, melodramatic is a bit much, and seocnd, my answer depends on what kind of question you ask, I'm not--

Jakyra: We'll try our best to answer any questions you throw at us Hector, and thanks for having us, by the way.

Mike glares at Jakyra, then rolls his eyes, sits back in the seat, and folds his arms across his chest.

Hector: Great! Let's get right into it then. Jakyra, you and Mike are married, corrrect?

Jakyra: Yes and no.

Hector: What do you mean?

Jakyra: We're legally separated, but working on our marriage.

Hector: Oh, I see. Care to share the details leading to your separation?

Jakyra: (Clears her throat) Um.... well--

Mike: No. It's none of your damn business. It happened. End of story.

Hector: It's a simple question, Mike. I didn't mean to offend you.

Jakyra: It's fine Hector. Mike is just a bit... on edge today. This was a mutual separation. He... we both had issues we needed to work on.

Hector: What... kind of issues?

Jakyra peeks over at her husband. The muscles in Mike's jaw clench.

Jakyra: He was--

Mike: I was physically abusive.


Hector: I... see.

Jakyra: It wasn't all him. I cheated on him, several times. It wasn't my best moment.

Mike: Mine either. I was overwhelmed back then. Getting fired, overdue bills, over-budget Townhome. It was too much.. but it was no excuse to take it out on her.

Jakyra takes his hand in hers.

Hector: Well, it's good to see you guys are working toward a better life.

Mike: I've changed since then. I still have issues to work out, but I'm not the same man I was back then.

Hector: That's good to hear, Mike.


Hector: (clears throat) Well, moving on. Mike, you own your own business?

Mike: Uh, yeah. It's an interior design company. I've been in business about two years now.

Hector: Awesome. Why interior deisgn though?

Mike shifts in his seat, leaning forward, his elbows on his knees.

Hector: Mike?

Mike: I started the business to honor my mom's memory. I did it for her.

Hector: Oh, that's a wonderful gesture. What happened to her, if you don't mind me asking?

Mike sits up straight, a scowl on his face. 

Mike: I do mind. Can you move on to the next question please?

Hector: Of course. This is for both of you. From what my team researched on you guys, you were born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Jakyra, you have two brothers and Mike you have a brother and a sister. Did you all grow up together?

Mike: Yeah, two younger siblings, Marlon and MyIesha and yes, all of us are childhood friends... best friends. We were pretty close as kids, and that hasn't changed. Hell, they live with me.

Jakyra: I have two older brothers, Johnee and Jermaine, and they never let me forget it. Me and Mike, on the other hand, were a friend's to lovers type thing. I had a huge crush on him for a whole year before he even noticed me in that way.

Jakyra giggles. Mike rubs the back of his neck. 

Hector: And who is Jason, George, and ... Koren? Am I pronuncing it right?

Mike: (Chuckles) Yes, you pronounced it correctly, and don't let her hear you say that. She hates her name. She goes by her nickname, Koko, and she's my brother's girlfriend. George is her older and only brother and we grew up with them as well. Jason is MyIesha's boyfriend. He's been around for as long as the others. I consider him a brother.

Hector: It seems like you all are a close-knit group. That's important these days. (Scans through his notes) I have a couple more questions for you, then we'll be done.

Jakyra: Okay, shoot.

Hector: My team found out that... your father is in prison. Do you want to elaborate?

Jakyra jerks her head to scan Mike's face. Mike stiffens in his seat, balling his hands into tight fists. 

Hector: If this is too much for you--

Mike: He went to prison for murder. That's all I'm willing to share.

Hector: Who did he kill? Was it someone you knew? I need a bit more--

Mike: That's all I'm willing to share!


Jakyra: Mike, are you okay? 


Jakyra: Mike?

Mike: I'm fine Kyra. I'm okay. 

Jakyra sighs in relief. 

Hector: I apologize if--

Mike: It's fine. Next question.

Hector: (clears throat) Yes, well, the last question has to do with your teenage years, Mike. 

Mike turns fully toward Hector. Eyes, questioning.

Hector: My team came across some interesting things. Particularly a person we have yet to discuss.

Mike: What the hell are you talking about? We've told you who everyone was.

Hector: Not quite. Who is Brooklyn?

Mike's eyes widen in shock. Jakyra's eyes narrow in suspicion.

Mike: How the fuck did you get that information?! Who told you about her?!

Hector: That's not important. What was your relationship with her? Who is she to you?

Mike: None of your goddamn business! This interview is over!

Mike stands up. 

Jakyra: Who the hell is Brooklyn, Mike and why the hell am I just finding out about her?!

Mike: It doesn't matter. She's in my past.

Jakyra: Were you cheating on me?!

Mike: She was way before you and I got together, and I don't need to explain myself to you!

Hector: She must have been pretty important to look for her for a whole year.

Mike: Shut the fuck up! This has to be some type of invasion of privacy! 

Mike stalks off the set. 

Jakyra: Michael! Don't you walk away from me! Who the hell is this woman and why did you keep her a secret from us! 

Jakyra runs off after him. 

Hector: Well, this definitely isn't how I expected things to turn out. Okay! That's gonna wrap up this segment of Up close and personal. Next time we'll get inside the head of the youngest sister of the Harmon clan, MyIesha and her better half, Jason. Until next time, folks!

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