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MyIesha & Jason

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Episode 2

     Welcome back to Up Close and Personal everybody! It's your favorite host, Hector Rodriguez, and I have here with me today two more of the characters of My House. Also, I have M. Marie here for a few minutes before she's off again to work her magic. Come on out here M. Marie!

M. Marie walks out onto the set.

Hector: Have a seat. It's good to see you again! How is everything going?


M. Marie shakes her head.

M. Marie: No need to sit down. I can't stay long. I only have time for a few quick questions.

Hector: Oooh, what do you have up your sleeve this time?

M. Marie: Still working on book 2. This one is a bit of a love triangle/soulmate type thing.

Hector: Sounds interesting. Can you tell us anything about your motivation writing this book?

M. Marie: Well, I wanted to dig a little more into Mike's background. Give a glimpse of who he is and how the past played a major part of the man he became.

Hector: Funny you should mention his past because last week, he was pretty closed-off and hostile when it came to talking about...certain details of his past.

M. Marie: In his defense, you did go a little overboard with your questioning. I told you to keep it light, but apparently you didn't listen.

M. Marie narrows her eyes at him, placing a hand on her hip.

Hector: (clears throat) We can discuss this later boss, if you don't mind.

Hector loosens his tie a bit.

M, Marie: MmHmm.

Hector: So, is there anything you can tell us about book 2.

M. Marie: I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say it's going to be a roller coaster of emotions for both, the characters and the readers.

M. Marie smiles and starts toward the exit.

M. Marie: Oh, you guys will also find out who Brooklyn is in book 2!

M. Marie leaves the set.

Hector: So, you're just going to leave us hanging like that?!


Hector: I guess she is. Well, you heard it here first guys. I, personally, can't wait until book 2 releases... Okay!

Hector rubs his hands together.

Hector: Let's move on. These next two are drama all on their own. Please welcome, Jason Morrison, and MyIesha Harmon to the stage!

Jason and MyIesha walk onto the stage hand in hand.

Hector: Welcome Jason, MyIesha!

Hector shakes their hands and motions for them to take a seat.

Hector: Let's get right to it, shall we? MyIesha, for those who may not know, how do you pronounce your name?

MyIesha frowns.

MyIesha: First off, I don't appreciate you putting us out there like that. We don't cause drama. You've got some nerve you--

Jason shakes his head, placing a hand on her thigh.

Jason: I thought we agreed we wouldn't do this today. Calm down, and answer his question.

MyIesha breathes through her nose roughly, rolling her eyes.

MyIesha: Fine. People usually separate my name as My- Iesha, but it's actually pronounced My-Esha with an "E" sound. Does that answer your question? 

Jason glares at her.

MyIesha: I apologize for my... rudeness.

Hector nods.

Hector: Not a problem. We all have our days, but it seems that two thirds of the Harmon clan have these... days quite frequently... I can clearly see the family similarities.

Jason leans forward in his seat, narrowing his eyes at the host. MyIesha gives him a death glare. Hector clears his throat.

Hector: Right. Let's continue, shall we? Jason, how did you and MyIesha meet?

Jason straightens in his seat, taking hold of his girlfriend's hand.

Jason: We started dating in high school, but we knew each other way before that. I think we actually met when we were... 10, right?

MyIesha nods her head in agreement, smiling.

MyIesha: We did Not like each other when we first met. He always made fun of me; pulling on my hair, pushing me in the dirt, hiding my dolls. You name it, Jason did it. I despised him; swore he would be my enemy until the day I died.

MyIesha laughs, Jason smirks.

Jason: I didn't know how to express that I liked you as a kid, so I improvised.

Hector smiles.

Hector: That's a cute story. Looks like you changed your mind, MyIesha.

MyIesha: Yeah, we eventually became friends and by the time we went to high school, I had a major crush. He asked me to homecoming our freshman year and we've been inseparable ever since.

MyIesha peeks over at Jason.

Hector: Priceless. Okay, I wanna switch gears here. I know that Jakyra is your sister-in-law. How is your relationship with her?

MyIesha rolls her eyes.

MyIesha: If you can even call her that. Sister-in-law isn't exactly how I would describe her. My relationship with that bi--

Jason: Iesha.

MyIesha: My relationship with... Jakyra is nonexistent. I don't think Mike should even give her the time of day. She's trash.

Hector: But that's Mike's choice, right? I mean, they are married.

MyIesha: Whatever, and they're separated. I don't like her.

Hector: Still married though. Didn't you mention to your brother that she liked him that way? And you did like her at one time, didn't you? You all grew up together, right?

MyIesha: Well, when you hoe around with the entire New Jersey population, while you're still married, you tend to make enmies out of those who trusted you. I'm glad he came back home and left that waste of space in Jersey.

Hector looks confused.

Hector: You didn't see the last episode of Up Close and Personal, did you? Didn't hear what was revealed on the show?

MyIesha: No, I didn't want to see Jakyra's face. Why?

Hector: Just make sure you talk to your brother soon.

Jason and MyIesha glance and one another.

Jason: What's going on?

Hector: It's best if you hear it from Mike.


Hector: Okay, moving on. Jason, what was life like before MyIesha?

Jason sits back, considering the question.

Jason: Honestly, it was pretty hectic. My parents... gave me up when I was 5 years old and my aunt took legal guardianship. Don't get me wrong, they loved me, but they just couldn't provide for me like I needed. 

Hector: Wow, that must have been a pretty tough adjustment.

Jason: Yeah, it was at first. I didn't understand why they didn't want me anymore. I thought I did something wrong. I mean, I was five years old, what was I supposed to think?

MyIesha: You never told me that.

Jason: I don't really like talking about it.

MyIesha: But you just told--

Jason: Baby, please.

MyIesha sighs, but doesn't push the issue.

Hector: Yes, at that age, I can see why you would think that. Do you still keep in touch with them... your parents, I mean?

Jason: We... talk from time to time. They used to always make it a point to tell me they loved me growing up, and I appreciated it, but as a kid, it wasn't enough for me.

Jason clenches his jaw, and furrows his brows.

Hector: It seems to me, you still have some unresolved feeling to work out.

Jason: Maybe.

Thick tension feels the air.

Hector: What about your aunt? Do you still keep in touch?

Jason sighs.

Jason: She... passed a few years ago... cancer.

Hector: I'm very sorry to hear that. I'm sure she was a good woman.

Jason: Aunt Gigi was the best. I owe her everything. She didn't just tell me she loved me, she showed me in everything she did. I'll always be grateful to her. I'm the man I am today because of her.

Jason draws in a ragged breath. MyIesha rubs his back in comfort.

MyIesha: Can we move on, please?

Hector: Of... of course. There's just a couple more questions for you guys.

Jason nods, MyIesha gestures for him to continue.

Hector: So, I've heard you are having issues with one of your best friends.

Jason's body tenses. MyIesha closes her eyes.

Jason: I'll tell you what the deal is. Jermaine doesn't know when the hell to back off.

MyIesha: Jermaine has always been a jokester. He said some things he shouldn't have and Jason took it personally, that's all.

Jason scowls at her in utter disbelief.

Jason: If you think Jermaine telling me he wanted to get with you, when he already knew you were with me, is a joke, then I don't see the fuckin' humor in it. He crossed the line, Iesha. You're mine!

MyIesha: Calm down, Jace. Maybe I chose the wrong choice of words, okay? Jermaine isn't serious though. He wouldn't try anything. Trust me.

Jason: I trust you, it's his ass I have a problem with.

Hector: Speaking of problems and trust, what's your relationship with Jakyra like, Jason?

Jason shoots icy daggers at Hector. MyIesha peers over at her boyfriend.

Jason: I don't... have a relationship with Jakyra. What type of question is that anyway? You're reaching for shit that's not there.

Hector: Let me rephrase that question. Are you close with Jakyra?

Jason: I'm close with all of them. What's your goddamn point, Hector? 

Hector: (clears throat) My team came across some information that confirms you and Jakyra were alone on a few occasions... didn't look so platonic.

Jason reaches over to grab Hector, but MyIesha pulls him back.

Jason: Yes, me and Kyra talk. Sometimes she needs a shoulder to cry on. I listen, that's it! Who is your garbage ass team, because they don't know what the fuck they're doin'. 

Hector: A bit hostile for someone who has nothing to hide, aren't you?

Jason: Hector fuckin' Rodriguez. More like, Hector the instigator. Where the hell did you come from anyway?! I've never even heard of Up Close and Personal before!

Hector: And yet, here you are. 

Deathly silent.

MyIesha: didn't know anything about you and that bitch spending time together... alone. Why couldn't she confide in her brothers' or, I don't know, her husband! Why did she have to come to you, and why did you have to step in like some goddamn savior!

MyIesha narrows her eyes, and folds her arms. Jason breathes roughly.

Jason: How the fuck should I know! Don't start, Iesha. There's nothing going on between Jakyra and I, so get that shit out of your head.

MyIesha: Well, if you weren't sneaking the hell around, meeting at secret rendezvouses, I wouldn't need to question your ass!

Jason: There is no secret rendezvous! We just talk, that's it! See what the fuck you started troublemaker Rodriguez! You and your faulty ass team!

Jason sits back in his seat, fists balled tight in his lap. MyIesha glowers at her boyfriends. Raging silence engulfs the space between them.

Hector: Well, that was... something. Okay, that's going to do it for this edition of Up Close and Personal. I'll see you next time with the McCoy brothers, Johnee and Jermaine, along with elder brother of Koko, George Hobson. Until next time folks!



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