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The families of My House Series. Come see what all the drama is about...

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M. Marie Walker

Author of

My House, Book 1 

Broken Harmone

(My House Series Book 2) and

The Basement: Dark Past

M. Marie Walker is a down to earth author who enjoys writing in a variety of genres. Check out her first book, and author info below.

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My House, Book 1

March 21,        2023


      M. Marie is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work. This project was 20+ years in the making and she introduces you into the lives of 9 characters that you will not soon forget....


Mike Harmon: Successful business owner, eldest of two siblings, broken inside.


     After a year of a messy separation from his wife, Jakyra, she returns. All eyes are on her as conflict rises... conflict that could have been avoided if Mike hadn't lied in the first place. Now, with his wife back in his life, past mistakes resurface. Regret settles deep, and guilt constantly plagues him as lingering threads of love keep him tethered to her.


     Mike hopes to repair things with Jakyra, but the first domino— that he so carelessly began— has fallen. The effects of his actions cause a downward spiral that he has no idea how to stop. Throw in kidnapping, lies, infidelity and secrets; you have a recipe for disaster. Mike finds himself in the middle of a shit storm of drama that he was most definitely trying to avoid.

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Get to know the Author

Who Is M. Marie Walker?


     M. Marie Walker is a graduate in Creative Writing. As a child, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, she was shy, quiet, and quite the daydreamer.

      Now, the cool, calm, and collected adult that she is today, greatly contrasts with the out-spoken, theatrical, dramatic woman with an attitude she's developed for herself in the unfolding of her imagination.

     Walker’s passion for storytelling began at age 15, and by age 20, My House was birthed. Now, 24 years later, all of the hard work,

dedication and love she’s poured into her work, along with the conflict-infused drama that is her mind, has been brought to the forefront for all to see and experience through the lives of her characters. M. Marie loves to snuggle up on the couch with a good dark romance or drama suspense in her free time.

     In addition to reading, she loves to walk, write (of course), and play good old fashioned board games with her family, particularly, her nephew, who wins the majority of the time (although she’ll never admit it to him). He calls his wins, skill, she’s calls it luck. Walker now lives happily with her husband of 14 years, and even in the peaceful confines of their home, there’s never a dull moment.


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

A Young Woman Writing
The Basement: Dark Past
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